Who we are

About us

From small renovations to complex high value projects; from modular construction, to advanced digital technologies, to cutting-edge sustainability, Gen Deluxe has you covered.

Our Focus

Flexible, focused and innovative: we're focused on achieving your project vision and business goals.

Who We Are

We’re problem-solvers with focus. Project managers with purpose. Team players with one goal in mind: To deliver your project on time, on budget, and on vision.

Gen Deluxe Construction is a young firm that has entered the industry with a principle of trust, customer satisfaction, and quality. It has the capacity to flawlessly meet the expectations of its counterparts with its existing work experience, ethical and dynamic work understanding. As a company, we are moving forward with confident steps towards advancing our company by completing all project planning, engineering, and construction work in a short time with our young technical team, and successfully completing our turnkey projects and creating our works. Our goal is to combine dynamism and experience, to complete the most ideal, high-quality, and safe buildings in accordance with the determined subjects and needs, and to offer them to our stakeholders.

Our Commitment To Community

We are committed to Antalya City

We believe in contributing to the greater good and encourage our team to explore opportunities to contribute to, participate in, and partner with organizations that embrace education, empathy, and enterprise. We support diversity and inclusion within the construction industry and strongly advocate for the continued betterment and openness of the industry.

Our Mission

We never stop thinking about reshaping the future


The health and safety of people and our en­vironment lies at the very heart of what we do. In situations that are physically or psychologi­cally unsafe we refuse to be bystanders. We are changemakers and action takers. This applies to the environment and climate change too. We advocate for sustainable solutions and operate in this spirit, holding each other accountable for the legacy that we leave future generations.

Our Purpose

Gen Deluxe was founded on the belief that every decision we make impacts people and communities. It’s why we put humanity at the center of everything we do. It’s why we bring together different voices and points of view so that what we create makes everyone’s life better. It’s why what we build will bring value to society long after our lifetime. And it’s why we never stop thinking about reshaping the future.

Our Position

Gen Deluxe uses knowledge & foresight to shape the way people live, work, and connect. We’re one of the world’s largest development and construction companies. Together with our customers and the collective expertise of our 30,000+ teammates, we create innovative and sustainable solutions that support healthy living beyond our lifetime.

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